Tryptophan: This is an amino-indolpropionic acid. This is important and should not be omitted in the diet. It is not synthesized in the body, but it can be synthesized in the microorganism E. coli. It is not ketogenic or glycogenic. Although this amino acid is very important for the body, it is used inefficiently in the body and a large amount of tryptophan is excreted in the urine.

Colorless amino acids do not absorb visible light and ultraviolet light with a wavelength greater than 240 mm. The exceptions are the aromatic amino acids, which include histidine, phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan. The ultrasensitive absorption of proteins of wavelength greater than 240 mm is associated with its tryptophan content.

Tryptophan is converted to nicotinamide, which is deficient in vitamin B-6.

┬áThe abnormality generated in the metabolism of tryptophan, which causes niacin deficiency, known as Hartnup’s disease, is manifested in pellagra as skin rash and mental deterioration, with an excess of tryptophan in the urine. 1 mg of equivalent niacin is generated every 60 mg of tritofan. Tryptophan also forms sekrotonin, a potent vasoconstrictor and stimulator of smooth muscle contraction. 1% of tryptophan is usually converted to serotonin, but in malignant carcinoids (serotonin-producing tumor cells in the abdominal cavity) it can increase up to 60%, which negatively affects the production of nicotinic acid from tritofan and causes a balance Negative nitrogen Tritofan is obtained by eating whole grain bread, enters the brain and increases the level of serotonin, increasing the level of chemical composition of the brain and many other tryptophan benefits.

tryptophan for good mood

The metabolites of tryptophan are excreted in the urine and in individuals. Melanins are polymers of tryptophan catabolites. Tryptophan can suffer bacterial rot in the intestines, causing the formation of toxic substances that are then detoxified in the liver with acids.

Tryptophan works as a safe and effective treatment for insomnia and emotional complaints and on how much tryptophan should i take. It is important for blood clotting and digestive juices. This prevents premature aging and the associated effects on the eyes, hair and teeth. It also acts as a natural analgesic. It reduces the speed of decomposition of the starch and, therefore, prevents the decomposition of the teeth.

Sources of tryptophan: the sources of rice for tryptophan are the bajra, the raga, the barley, the soybeans, the pomegranate of Bengal, the snake serpentine, the spinach, the agati, the colossal, the sweet potato, the cauliflower, the cashew, mango, papaya, egg and milk.

The recommended daily dose for children is 3.3 mg, and for adults – 3.5 mg per kg. body weight

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