There has had to be Some major upgrades on these new Furby interactive toys in order for them to be accepted by the kids of today who are gadget specialists with their iPads, tablets and smartphones.If Hasbro wants to Impress this new generation of kids they are going to have to pull out all the stops and create something quite different from its previous toys. I think they did that by developing a totally new version of the unusual interactive toy for boys and girls. These furry creatures have a completely revamped look with ton of new capabilities including interaction with other gadgets such as iphone and iPads.


The Furby has a ton of new features. The fur that covers the toy is soft and thick pretty much the way the 2018 versions were so there is not much change there. There will be ten colors available to pick from but only six of those colors are released on the toy is launch dates. TheĀ furby launch colors are pink purple mix, white, black, red orange mix, yellow and Aqua blue. After the first launch the four other colors will be released and they are teal, pink, purple and light blue. The moveable ears seem to be slightly larger than the original units and are plastic compared to the material versions of the preceding models. It is a plush tail a few inches long with a fluffy bit at the end. In the Middle of its Forehead is the branded shape trivial on all units. Together with the Furby 2.0 this actually serves no purpose other than to maintain the heritage of those toys living with its branded picture shape above the eyes. In the previous versions that was once home of the IR sensor that helped initiate certain features of this toy.

The mouth or beak is a Bright yellow color and goes when the Furby talks, sings and eats. You can feed the cutie by pressing down on its tongue in its mouth. It will then omit a chewing sound and the beak will open and shut to simulate the chewing. Furbies will react to whatever you do to them. If you tickle its tummy it will most likely giggle, if you tip it upside down it may tell you that it is getting dizzy. There are sensors in its head, stomach, back and sides which react to touch. The tilt mechanism Inside the body is able to detect when your Furby is tipped upside down, jostled around or had its tail pulled. It will respond accordingly.